5 ways to Pep up any outfit

It is neither difficult nor expensive to glam up any outfit which you have worn many times before. Just work around the outfit a bit, add few accessories here and there and you are ready to take on!

Big Sunglasses

Think big sunglasses which can cover half of your face. It instantly makes your outfit look 10 times better.

Skinny Belts

They can be added in most outfit. They always add a little more attention to your waist. If in metallic they will look even more fabulous.

The Layering Rule

Layering is one way to pep up your regular Sleeveless-Jeans look. Layering also helps you to carry loose item of clothing without making you look bulky.

Pop Lipstick

Any outfit comes alive with a bit of pop. A pop colored lipstick will make even the most mundane grey or white outfit stand out.

Nude or Tan Shoes

A nude heel adds sophistication to any old dress, maxi or even trousers. The neutral color makes the outfit looks simple and then you have the added advantage of height.