Fly in style

The outfit you wear when you’re flying is the first thing you’ll be wearing when you reach your destination. So choose wisely. The key is to wear something that is comfortable in the plane and doesn’t look out-of-place at your destination. Try to find a happy balance between comfort and style. It’s all about the fabric, fit and the layers. I have put together a list of top picks you should be wearing when you’re flying.

IMG_0349IMG_0298Make yourself comfortable
Wear your favorite pants and a cozy cardigan or sweater with a loose-fitting cotton tee.

Wear breathable fabrics

Maintain in-flight comfort and hygiene by wearing fabrics that breathe. Choose dress materials like cotton, silk or linen that allow air and moisture to pass through. Fabrics that don’t allow air to circulate will hold sweat on your skin, making you feel stuffy. Wear easy-on, easy-off flats in case you need to take your shoes off, and definitely carry a pair of socks along with you. Try to get the ones that have rubber grippers on the bottom. Also, don’t forget to carry headphones and sleep masks because planes can get a tad noisy.

– Tandrani Raj