Vineyard Escapade

1.Planning and packing

As a working woman, I had a frequent urge for taking a vacation for getting away from it all. But on the flip side, there were very little opportunities to go for one. Therefore, whenever an opportunity hit, I was the one to make the plans and ready everyone up for the outing I desperately needed.

This holiday season, we decided to enroll my best friends for the journey to Four Seasons Winery in Pune. From what I read, it is a one stop destination for rejuvenating yourself and bonding with loved ones in a peaceful and scenic Mediterranean French Chateau.


After all the groundwork for getting there came the exciting part, deciding the wardrobe for the trip. I always preferred to carry a bit of everything in my wardrobe. I decided to help out my friend by referring her to an Unlimited store and generously handed her a gift card. Her longtime coming New Year gift.


Before entering the store, We quickly created a list of looks that we could shop for. These looks were traditional kurtis with leggings for occasions, sports wear for adventures, casuals for day-to-day use and high-fashion looks when I wanted to flaunt my fashion prowess. Entering the store I was quick to find what I needed since everything was very conveniently displayed and I was able to finish my shopping in an hours time (which is rarely possible). Out of impulse I also decided to shop holiday looks for my hubby.

After all the last minute packing, we hit the road to Four Seasons Winery in a cab and reached our destination in 5 hours. The road took us from a bustling Pune to a quaint agricultural village before being finally welcomed by a beautiful, picture perfect French Chateau with lush green winery surrounding it.

Upon arriving we were warmly greeted and accompanied to our rooms. We were quick to fall asleep from all that travel and left the exploration for next day.

2. A day to sit back and relax


Our early morning started with a delicious bread basket and a tumbler full of juice. Next we moved to the balcony to fill in the scenic morning view and to hear the early morning breeze which is so hard to find anywhere else.


For the first day we just relaxed and enjoyed our stay at the Chateau. So we decided to wear pastels and prints in shades of blue to contrast beautifully with the beige cream interiors. This resulted in a serene and calm appeal in the pics we clicked.

3. A day out in the vineyard

Now that the fatigue was gone, and excitement was high, we all went out for a stroll in the beautiful vineyard dressed for the picture perfect memorable picture. I wore cute little denim skirt with sweet and comfy floral printed top and a brown hat, giving me very casual yet stylish look as well as complimenting my new hair colour. Alesia wore the navy blue polka-dot dress that made her stand out from the vineyard, putting her in focus.




Pranati the most creative of us all sitting down like a child giving a pretty pose with her pretty little ruby off shoulder dress and flowers in her hair



For lunch we were not ready to settle back inside and decided to have our small little picnic by the lush green vineyard and exquisite chateau behind us. The air was cool with a fine breeze, the perfect weather for a picnic. There was a lot of lively banter, laughter and giggles.


4. A day out in the vineyard

Spending holidays at a winery! We had to take a guided tour. On this tour we saw each part of the wine making process and understood all the intricacies that goes into making these world renowned beverages. We got to know about the different type of wines. What makes them different, which wine is best suited for what and how the wine is bottled. We even had the privilege of wine stomping, the way wines were traditionally made.


After touring the wine stomping, tasting and bottling section, we went to the barrel room full of wooden barrels with precious wines maturing for months and years. The whole room pleasantly smelled of red wine.



And here we are taking a selfie behind these aging wines in our cute outfits consisting of sparkly blue dress and white dress with delicate lace.

With this we ended our day and made ourselves comfortable in our rooms, but before going to bed we made plans for what to wear and the activities we will be doing the next morning.

5. A day of adventure and experiment

With the next morning came the exciting part, us clicking a lot of pictures. We started with my friends clicking this beautiful picture of me wearing this vibrant kurti which gives a rich feel against the backdrop of beautifully curated garden.


I simply love my look here. It looks exotic, the bright canary-yellow kurta with beautiful borders against the expensive stone railing.

I asked Alesia to quickly change for me to snap some strong fashionable looks of her, as it was just the apt location.


She is wearing Indo-fusion look in bright tangy orange tunic with quirky prints and navy blue palazzo with great flare

Now it was time to move down to our next activity planned for the day and for this we changed into our breathable active wear for the adventure to come. We went out to take a round of the vast beautiful campus of Four Seasons Winery as well as the lush forest trail behind it on our bicycles.

This was to be the last activity of the day before we retire ourselves to the poolside. The swimming pool was amidst a vast open space and beautiful hallway and we knew it is a place where we had to snap some pictures for as long as there is light.


I am wearing a crimson red frill top with denim skirt and Augustin is carrying a fun look with white graphic printed shirt and brown shorts. It’s a well-coordinated, peppy and fun look.

With this barbecue underneath the twinkling stars and our whispers of planning to come here again for the next season, we bid each other thanks and goodnight. Me and my husband decided to give some time to ourselves at the deck for hour long talks and laughter. With the giggles and sense of utmost satisfaction we went to our bed with an alarm to leave for home the next morning.


                                                                                                                                                                – ‘And Let There Be Lights’